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Title: So Enchained My Spirit’s Vision
by Jesterlady
Rating: PG
Pairing: Shawn/Juliet
Summary: Coda for Right Turn or Left For Dead, a more thorough explanation
Disclaimer: I don't own Psych. Some lines are from the show. The title is by Mary Dagworthy James
A/N: I have very mixed feelings about how Juliet found out Shawn's secret. More importantly about the immediate thereafter. I know in tv shows they're not going to show two characters hashing out for two hours exactly what happened, but I feel like that's what would happen in real life and it frustrates me when they don't actually explain themselves like I feel I would or I feel I would want someone to do for me. Whenever my fandoms have secrets that get confessed, my fic will always have lots of scenes where the other characters get to learn what really happened. I didn't want to just fix it so that Juliet was suddenly okay, because I do agree she'd need some time, but I think if she'd gotten an actual explanation then the break might not have needed to be quite so dramatic.

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Title: From All Delusions Free
by Jesterlady
Pairing: Shawn/Juliet
Rating: PG
Summary: Missing scene from 6x7 In for a Penny, Shawn and Juliet discuss his behavior.
Disclaimer: I don't own Psych. The title is from an old hymn.

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